NESARC Applauds Western Caucus Rollout of ESA Modernization Legislation

12 July 2018

The Congressional Western Caucus today held an “Endangered Species Act Modernization Forum and Legislative Rollout” which coincided with the introduction of eight bills geared toward updating and improving the Endangered Species Act.

A NESARC letter supporting the rollout of the legislation may be found HERE.

Below is a statement on the rollout from NESARC Executive Director Jordan Smith.



Endangered Species Act Modernization Legislative Rollout

July 12, 2018

On behalf of the National Endangered Species Act Reform Coalition (NESARC), I commend Representative Gosar and members of the Western Caucus for introducing this important package of legislative improvements to the Endangered Species Act. These bills speak directly to the longstanding need to address problems with the ESA, a law that has not been substantively updated in nearly three decades.

NESARC is the country’s oldest broad-based, national coalition dedicated solely to achieving improvements to the ESA and its implementation. Our membership includes agricultural interests, cities and counties, conservationists, electric utilities, energy producers, farmers, forest product companies, home builders, oil and gas companies, ranchers, realtors, water and irrigation districts, and other businesses and individuals throughout the United States.

NESARC and its members are committed to promoting effective and balanced legislative and administrative improvements to the ESA that support the protection of fish, wildlife, and plant populations as well as responsible land, water, and resource management. The bills being introduced today would make significant improvements to the ESA that are critical to the success of the law’s intent — to protect and recover imperiled species and the ecosystems upon which they depend.

We have learned many lessons since the ESA was enacted nearly 45 years ago, and we need to make sure that this important law recognizes, accommodates and encourages innovative and proactive efforts by private property owners, States and local governments to recover species. NESARC and its members thank the Western Caucus for its leadership in pursuing these critical improvements to the ESA and its implementation, and look forward to working with the bill sponsors and other supporters of these measures as they move through the legislative process.